How Electric Push Movers are really needed for landscaping


Walk behind mower or push mower is best for a landscape that is ½ acre or less in size. There are different kinds of push mowers in the market. It is important to choose the best type considering your land space, requirements and budget. Gas push mowers are best for yards that are ½ acre in size. It offers more power. It is important to add right fuel as mentioned in the manufacturer’s requirements.

Electric push mowers are two types. They are corded mowers and cordless electric mowers. It comes with different kinds of battery voltages and types. Corded mowers do not need recharging. Other popular types of push mowers are self-propelled mowers and reel mowers.

The global garden and forest market is developing rapidly. In the last five years, there has been an excellent growth in the market value. It is estimated that it is increasing by 3% every year. The battery-powered lawn mowers occupy the popular segment and it is growing at a fast rate. The electric category has been showing strong growth rate in recent years. It is mainly due to the new technology and innovations regularly launched in the marketplace.

North America is the largest region favored by battery-powered products. In recent year, there have been steady sales in Europe that is sales is more than North America.