Electric riding mower marketplace

The Recharge Mower® G2 represents a major transformation in the electric riding mower marketplace. The G2 is such a step up over the predecessor in so many ways. The technology is far superior including electronic cutting blade controllers to maintain smooth operation without fail. The heavy duty drive system has tremendous power and is operated using the highly rated and recognized Curtis controller system.

The design is ALL metal and virtually eliminates any plastic parts. The accelerator is touch sensitive and the unit has an auto decelerate and braking system requiring only one pedal for operation. The proprietary deep cycle batteries provide 36v 85Ah performance and extended life cycles. Along with the NEW Energy Star rated 8Ah charger which can fully re-energize the G2 overnight at lower electric costs. The new cutting deck offers a 30” cutting path and has seven pre-determined height increments ranging from just under two inches to just under five inches. This means it can handle virtually any type of grass.

The deck also provides for side discharge and mulching options for a more truly environmental result. The overall system can handle up to 2 acres on a single charge and in combination with the turf ready tires, the Recharge Mower®G2 takes lawn care to a whole new level.

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